Abuse camp extreme in nazi sexual woman

While Nazi ideology depicted the Jews as licentious and sexually abusive, it was in fact Nazis that were the perpetrators of the most heinous acts of sexual depravity.

The Nuremberg laws rapidly removed Jews from most active segments of German life, eventually separating them into ghettos.

Reports indicate that fewer than five percent of German girls were virgins at marriage.4 In addition, prostitution became an integrated part of the Nazi endeavour particularly during the war years.

‘Pure’ German women, like Jews, were exempt from forced prostitution, although they were exhorted and encouraged to voluntarily have intercourse with ‘pure’ Aryans to bear progeny for the Reich.

The most beautiful women went to the SS brothel, the less beautiful ones to the soldier’s brothels. Sexuality extended into brutality in many settings.

These included removing their names, clothes, possessions, bodily hair, husbands or wives, children and other family members, means of cleanliness, and privacy for living, washing, or fulfilling basic bodily functions.The Holocaust is known for its physical and psychological cruelty towards Jews.While images of emaciation and mass murder are commonly acknowledged, sexual perversions of the Nazis are less well known.On the positive side, however, because of the severe Nazi restrictions against sexual contact with Jews for fear of contamination of the German race (Despite the image of the German as heroic, pure, self-sacrificing and upholding simple lifestyles, and above all, fellowship, promoted by the powerful and effective Nazi propaganda ministry, Germans during the Nazi era were sexually prolific.While their regime decried ‘degenerate’ sexuality it also promoted ‘healthy sexuality’ and many chose to indulge in this with enthusiasm.

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