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From thumbs up to a fist pump, we often think using our hands to communicate helps break language barriers when traveling the world.But sometimes those gestures get lost in translation, and depending on where you are, mean the exact opposite of what you’re trying to say. ” with a set of bullhorns at a gig in Spain, but you’re actually saying someone’s wife is sleeping around. Sleep with someone else's wife, or make that gesture.Sganarelle's wife, however, sees him holding Celie and suspects the worst.She finds a portrait of Lelie, dropped by Celie when she fainted, and admires his good looks.Sganarelle returns and sees his wife gazing at the portrait, and he too suspects an affair.They argue and run off just as Lelie arrives home, after hearing rumors of Celie's wedding plans.So if you’re trying to impress a Russian girl, remember a dozen is an insult, whereas a baker's dozen increases your chance of getting lucky -- even though 13's usually considered unlucky, and donuts are better than roses.Offended country: Vietnam What you think it means: “God, I hope this is chicken.” What it really means: While you may be crossing your fingers about what kind of “mystery meat” is in your Vietnamese cuisine, be careful about flashing it to locals.

At his time, Moliere worked often with Luly, one of the most prominent musician of the Louis the XIV court.At that time, Duran happened to train at The Academie Duello, a historical fencing school.A great chat with Devon Boorman, its founder, lead to have access to its beautiful armory, a vast brick wall space, with swords hung on the wall right downtown Vancouver.Keep your fist-pumping to a minimum, please, lest you repeatedly want to tell someone to F-off.Offended countries: Singapore, Japan, and The Philippines What you think it means: “Get over here!

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    It arose in the Holy Roman Empire from the idealisation of the cavalryman—involving military bravery, individual training, and service to others—especially in Francia, among horse soldiers in Charlemagne's cavalry.

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    Rutherford, (2006) The 'Reading the Mind in the Voice' Test-Revised: A Study of Complex Emotion Recognition in Adults with and Without Autism Spectrum Conditions Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders Nejati, V.