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Scientists have found that by studying the polar bear communities, and charting their hunting habits, behaviors, and sizes, they can more accurately define what is going on in the arctic region.When the polar bear is thriving, it seems that the arctic ecosystem is also thriving.The main reason behind this listing is the affect climate change is having on the polar bear species. By nature they hunt for seals, their main food source, from the top of an ice cap.Polar bears typically crouch on the ice, camouflaged nicely by their white fur.HONOLULU — Central Illinois residents on vacation in Hawaii reacted with varying degrees of alarm to a mistakenly sent push alert Saturday that warned of a ballistic missile heading straight for the state.The polar bear, also known as the maritime bear, is the giant white bear which makes its home in the Polar Regions.While the polar bears have been known to feed on other animals such as eggs, rodents, reindeer, muskox, birds, crabs, shellfish, and even other polar bears, these food sources do not provide the fatty substance that is required to keep the polar bear healthy through the long winter months.Other challenges brought about by the melting of the ice caps have to do with polar bear breeding.

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These places include Russian, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and the North Pole region.

Polar bear remains have been uncovered in archeological sites that date back twenty-five hundred years.

It’s even been said that the indigenous arctic people’s skill in seal hunting and igloo construction was taken from the polar bear.

This can harm the cubs, as well as plunge them into the rigid arctic waters before they can survive there.

It is estimated that polar caps are melting an average of three weeks earlier than they used to as the summer months approach. This means that polar bears are feeding an average of three weeks less each year.

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