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This liquid was bottled and sold as "winter-strained sperm oil".This was the most valuable product: an oil that remained liquid in freezing winter temperatures.The most likely primary function of the spermaceti organ is to add internal echo or resonator clicks to the sonar echo location clicks emitted by the respiratory organs.This makes it possible for the whale to sense the motion of its prey as well as its position.On land, the casks were allowed to chill during the winter, causing the spermaceti to congeal into a spongy and viscous mass.The congealed matter was then loaded into wool sacks and placed in a press to squeeze out the liquid.There has been concrete evidence to support both theories.

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It might be used as a means of altering the whale's buoyancy, since the density of the spermaceti alters with its phase.

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Later, during the warmer seasons, the leftover solid was allowed to partially melt, and the liquid was strained off to leave a fully solid wax.

This wax, brown in color, was then bleached and sold as "spermaceti wax".

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