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Apparently, a collection of Gothic paintings and European tapestries await inside.I was going to venture back to explore inside as a large bus tour had just arrived; sat and ate at several places and never returned!Camping La Losa Cambrils – This is one of the only campsite open all-year-round.Great to finally meet up with Wendy and Gordon, our friends from the South America trip and had drinks and long travel story catch-ups.When open (due to Spain’s siesta), the tiny shopfronts in the older part of Cambrils are charming and offer goods at cheaper prices than the seafront shops. Perhaps it’s because shops can be closed anywhere from -hrs; it’s hard to pick what times shops open – you just never can be sure.The streets always seem quiet and everything seems to come alive after hrs, which is the time you see a generous amount of people walking around and going about their daily business. It’s always lovely to walk along the seafront and in this case, there’s a lot of seafront to walk along; about 5 kilometres plus.Paid the toll and went on our merry way until we arrived at the next toll when taking the 37 exit, and had to pay again.

The walk out to the peer is pretty also; take some great sunset shots or look back towards the marina for a different perspective of Cambrils.The Barcelona train runs pass Cambrils about every 2 hours.You can easily spend several days here in awe of the many ancient ruins, which remain from its time under the Romans. Situated high on a rock, about 75–90 mts (250–300 ft) above sea level in fact, this city was converted into a fortress and arsenal against the Carthagenians in Roman times. C., the ancient Tarragona City Walls’ ruins still remain intact with only 3 towers and several sections of the wall.My Barcelona link from my emails took me to the website and I found it easy to use, actually the website was extremely user friendly.I do not think there is anything that could have been done by Oh to have made my stay iany better than it was.

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