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Said by Liliana Tanoesoedibjo in the talk show, every woman bledded with talent and that talent should be taking to positive direction.One of Indonesian women with great talent is Miss Indonesia 2016, Natasha Manuella, who also came to the event.Through this training program, Martha Tilaar Group hope that Indonesia women could be a professional spa therapists and could compete in professional world.“ Martha Tilaar Group gives training to young Indonesia women and after they increase their competency, we will empower them in Martha Tilaar all around Indonesia or International,” explained Wulan Tilaar Widarto.

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A Kartini to fight for Indonesia women always lit its fire.Logically speaking, a fairer world doesn’t hurt anyone.Let’s take a look at what the impacts of ending the gender pay gap would be: for businesses, paying workers fairly boosts morale and improves public perception of the company.“For all woman, nowadays, the chance to take part in politic is really open, but to take part in politic, still lack of awareness.Meanwhile woman's existence in legislative will greatly affect the decision making that can be influental to woman's advancement,” explained GKR Hemas.

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