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Solomon says he’s never heard of these gene things before, and that maybe genetics is involved in your weird foreign words “fish” and “mammal”, but dag are just finned creatures that swim in the sea, and behemah are just legged creatures that walk on the Earth.(like the kelev and the parah and the gavagai) You try to explain that no, Solomon is wrong, dag are actually defined not by their swimming-in-sea-with-fins-ness, but by their genes.

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The reason for is that they don’t mean to hurt their boyfriends’ feelings.

The Ministry of Behemah has a strong presence inland and lots of of people who hunt on horseback.

So please (he continues) keep going about how whales have little tiny hairs.

Your translator isn’t very good, so you pause to explain “fish” and “mammal” to Solomon.

You tell him that fish is “the sort of thing herring, bass, and salmon are” and mammal is “the sort of thing cows, sheep, and pigs are”.

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