Patti labelle dating

“She tried to keep it quiet, but everyone around her has figured things out now.She’s completely smitten with him and they spend so much time together,” a source reveals. One moment you assume you have a close enough relationship with music legend Patti La Belle that Patti La Belle might tell you personally if she’s been dating her 41-year-old drummer Eric Seats for an entire year and a half. The soul legend has been hiding a new (and much younger) love from us! The 71-year-old singer and drummer Eric Seats, 41, have been an item for the past year and a half, according to .Some feel that Seats is with La Belle due to her fame and fortune, but others would say that would be an unfair assessment given Seats' individual success.

The veteran songbird's alleged boo, drummer Eric Seats, is all of thirty years younger than her and the age gap has people talking, to say the least.

Not so happy about the relationship is Labelle’s 42-year-old son, Zuri Edwards.

“Not only is Zuri her son, but he’s her manager as well, says the source.

#Eric Seats is his name and he is also her drummer.

| #indamix #celebblogger #celebgossip #blogger #gossip A post shared by Entertainment Website (@in_da_mix) on After dominating headlines in 2015 with the widespread success of her sweet potato pies, Patti La Belle has found someone else who loves her pies as well (*wink*).

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