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The only way to bridge this gap between illusion and reality in the approach of romance is to talk openly.With this motto in mind, we encourage open communications between members within the privacy of our Pimpri Chinchwad chat app.Just hook up the wires to the Arduino / run the software and pop that badboy into port 2. There aren't any effects yet - but it’s completely stable / performance worthy in the state that it’s in.

Both the ROMs and the Arduino stuff will be open source so if you have the hardware you're ready to go!

The samples work but they are fixed- I’m working on a mapper for powerpak right now that may allow sample uploading.

What’s great about using this Arduino setup is that you can use VBlanks MIDI-serial processing app so you don’t even need to build a MIDI circuit - just use the USB cable!

Example software: (I'll upload videos as I record them)PRG Upload for fast development cycle on real hardware Bridge PC data through serial - (ex.

network data sent over serial to Twitter client)Analog sensor input for alternate controls MIDI CC control of glitch NESAtari punk type console using the APUHardware NSF player What you need: An NESArduino Duemilanove or equivalent (testing RBBB this weekend - should be no problems)Desoldered NES controller cord (I have about 50 of these that I intended to use for the boards)Powerpak or other devcart (All software is currently using NROM (PRG-ROM CHR-RAM) to make things simpler)Optional: MIDI-in circuit for Arduino for Fa MI- That’s it!

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