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A few people have been feeling sorry for me, please don't.

I appreciate getting cared about, however, I am a strong person, I don't feel sorry for myself.

I'm not going to list his good qualities as a person as I don't think he deserves it at this time but one thing is that he is a brilliant dad.

He's made silly and selfish mistakes, some he's learnt from, some obviously not. In life, you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.

She continued: 'A few people are probably thinking am stupid for staying in my marriage.

Despite her tumultuous few months, Laura is now reportedly setting up her own online business which is similar to American infidelity site Ashley Maddison.

I do have a private life and we are real people which is sometimes overlooked.

We do have worries, troubles and obstacles in life we tackle and go through without anyone knowing and we also have fantastic fun times making memories with our loved ones without people knowing.

A source told the publication: 'Laura knows her involvement with Wayne is the kind of thing other women would aspire to.'Women find it exciting to have illicit affairs with married men and lots of successful, rich men are happy to meet them.

Scandal: Laura gained notoriety after she hit the headline when Man United footballer Wayne Rooney was arrested for drink driving in her VW Beetle in Cheshire while his pregnant wife Coleen enjoyed a getaway with their children (Coleen and Wayne pictured above)Adding: 'She knows she will come under criticism and be called a home-wrecker but these men are going to cheat whether you give them a website to do it on or not.

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